Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aren't these boys so sweet! This was taken at Brant and Natalie's wedding reception up at Tuscany. Their wedding cake was amazing. If you ever want a complete description just ask Erin, but be prepared for about a fifteen minute dissertation on how wonderful it is. :)This is Miss Ann Cole's preschool teacher. She is wonderful and really hope that Carter can get in next year. She is so popular that she is already all full. So sad. We are on the waiting list so hopefully.

cole sleeping

This is how he was sleeping.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

fun photos

Carter always has to fall asleep holding something. This one is his bear book.A most respectful Carter climbing on headstones on Memorial Day.
This adventure didn't last long as Nick took him to sit in the car and explained to him about respect and not doing stuff like that. I am just sure he heard every word!

Playing soccer in the garage.

So Cole has this problem of falling asleep when he is suppose to be working. In this case he was suppose to be cleaning the car and it was very quiet and didn't know where the boy had gone to. This is how I found him. Sleeping in the car. too funny.

Hot Air Balloons

The 4th of July Balloons!

I love this picture. We were walking back to the car and the
boys shadows were so cute and distinct on the wall, I had to
shoot this shot. The balloons!

Not really sure what I am doing but the kids sure look cute!

Next year, Cole will be bringing a jacket so we don't have to do the
one arm thing. I love Lucy's pj's. We went to McDonald's after to play
on the play land and get breakfast. My kids think that pancakes are
such a delicacy because we never make them. Much like spaghetti and
top ramen. Too funny. Liz always has really yummy spaghetti for her kids birthdays and my kids think they have died and gone to heaven.
They are so deprived aren't they?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arizona Trip

This picture was taken on Cameron and Liberty's
driveway. This is their neighbors flag.
I love this picture!Cameron spraying Cole with Shea.

Arizona Trip

Shea at the splash pad!Silly little drowned rat,
or as Nick so affectionately calls him
Mr. Bigglesworth.

Arizona Trip to Cameron and Liberty's

Cole swinging on the basketball hoop!

Carter floating around!

Cam chasing the kids in the Classy SUV :)

Driving around